Flight Status

To determine whether your Mango flight is on time or any other information regarding your trip, please follow these instructions:

  • Phone 086 72 77 888 for ACSA's automated flight-information service.

  • Check ACSA’s online live arrivals and departures feature here.

When travelling from Lanseria Airport please note:

  • Flight arrival and departure times are not available from ACSA

  • MangoPlus Guests can make use of the Lanseria Executive Lounge: Ask your airport check-in agent where the lounge is.

  • Contact 011 367 0300 for all Lanseria Airport queries.

Everybody wants to get away

Dear Guest, please take into consideration that there may be a long queue waiting at the check-in counter. Although Mango staff endeavour to move the queue quickly, we cannot be held responsible for Guests who are late and miss their flight so try your best to be there on time.

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