Travelling with Pets and Service Animals

Travelling with your Pet

Mango carries pets is in accordance with the IATA Live Animal carriage regulations and under limited liability. The number of pets per flight is limited, so please contact the Mango call centre on 086 100 1234 to book your pet.

Pets do not form part of the checked baggage allowance per passenger and excess baggage charges will be raised per kilogram or part thereof. The combined weight of the pet and container will be charged at the airport once weighed.

The combined weight of the pet and container may NOT exceed 32kg. Should your pet and container exceed this weight, you will need to check it in with a Cargo handling agent.

The containers may only be sealed or locked once the relevant agent has inspected the container as per regulation. You will be required to remove the pet from the container in order for it to be inspected and screened.

Mango only transports domestic pets such as cats, dogs and parrots. The health and vaccination certificate of the pet travelling is required at the time of check in.

No pets that are under 8 weeks old, or visibly ill or diseased will be accepted for travel. Sedation of the pet is not recommended.


Pet must be crated as follows in a container supplied by the Guest;

  • The pet must be able to stand up and turn around in the container.
  • There must be a space between the pets head and the roof of the container.
  • The door of the container must be secured and unable to open up from vibrations or handling of the crate.
  • The container must have adequate ventilation.
  • Soft sided containers are NOT permitted.

No deviation from these requirements will be permitted.

Flying with your Service Animal

Your service animal in the Cabin

Service animals such as guide dogs, travel in the passenger cabin of the aircraft to accompany Guests with disabilities or special needs and will be carried free of charge.

Service animals may not occupy a seat and are seated at the foot of the Guest travelling. No pet containers are permitted in the passenger cabin.

Mango requires the health and vaccination certificates, as well as all other relevant documentation and certification of the service animal travelling.

Service animals must be securely harnessed for the entire duration of travel.

Guests travelling with a service animal are requested to contact the Mango Medicals Department on 086 10 10 214, or at, no later than 48 hrs prior to departure to ensure that the Service animal is added to your booking.

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